Igor Klepikov worked as Pediatric surgeon in Russian State Institute for Post-graduate Medical Studies Novokuznetsk(Russia) and in Tel-Aviv Medical center(Israel). Igor did research in Public Health, Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology. Continuation of these studies is the current project- "the new doctrine of acute pneumonia-a guarantee of prevention of purulent and destructive complications." Igor Klepikov was born and studied in the USSR. Pediatric surgeon of the highest qualification in Russia and Israel with experience of over 40 years, MD, professor. He Published over 140 scientific publications, patents, and 2 monographs. Doctor of Science (post-doctoral degree) in 1989 and Ph.D. in Medicine in 1980 at Residency in Pediatric Surgery - State Institute for Postgraduate Medical Studies Novokuznetsk, USSR, Russia. Medical Doctor (M.D.) in 1971 at State Medical Institute Kemerovo, USSR, Russia.

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