Renowned for his excellence as a medical researcher and educator, Yoshiaki Omura, MD, ScD is credited with the discovery of four different methods for noninvasive, rapid, early detection of various cancers using 4 non-invasive early quick detection methods of various cancers he discovered. These include detection of cancer from electrocardiograms and new individualized, safe, effective treatment of various cancers and their metastases using a combination of different principles he discovered during the past 15 years & recently he succeeded in completely stopping cancer activity in hopelessly advanced cancer patients. 
As a cancer specialist and expert of experimental physics, Dr. Omura holds seven U.S. patents and seven Japanese patents in the medical field. In addition, he is credited as the originator of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT), a patented diagnostic procedure that employs principles of applied physics to evaluate a patient's health. Within the realm of forensic medicine, Dr. Omura has gained critical acclaim for the discovery of a rapid, noninvasive method of detecting potential mass murderers by noninvasively detecting extremely low amounts of brain acetylcholine and successfully increasing the amount to normal levels. He has also examined what is known as an invisible "lie reflex," which is marked by distinctive biochemical changes. These changes appear at a specific part of the face and last for about 10 to 15 seconds after a person has finished a lie statement, and may be documented with a photograph or video recording. This new method shows true potential for being the most reliable method available today for detecting lies.

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